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Practical Cycles is a small bike business located in Lancashire UK. We have spacious new premises, and a dapper website but our common belief is that we are simply committed to selling different types of Cargo Bikes. Our motivation is not to become rich but get more people riding bicycles - especially Cargo Bikes. At our online store you will also buy latest designed cargo bikes or buy all genuine the parts and accessories related to cycle like Cycling parts as Gear hubs, tires, brakes and other parts of good quality branded products at exciting prices.

Our products at our online store:

  • Cargo Bike Trailers,

  • Dutch Cargo Bikes,

  • Danish Cargo Bikes,

  • Christiania Cargo Bikes,

  • Babboe Cargo Bikes,

  • Xtracycle Freeradical,

  • Xtracycle Edgerunner,

  • Surly Bill & Ted Trailer,

  • Burley Travoy Trailer,

  • Electric Cargo Bikes,

  • Custom Built Cargo Bikes,

  • Urban Arrow,

  • Xtracycle Leap,

  • Xtracycle Node,

  • Custom Hub Gear Wheel Builds,

  • Hand Built Wheels,

  • Rohloff Speed Hub,

  • Shimano Nexus Hub,

  • Shimano Dynamo Hub,

  • Sturmey Archer Hub Gear,

  • Surly Big Dummy,

  • Circe Helios Family Tandem,

  • Electric Assist Bike Kits

Shop at our online bike parts & accessories store. You can also shop at our store located at Lytham city. For more information & details just log on to our website.

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