Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is the Website all about?

This site has been designed to benefit two main user types.

General consumers (you and me) who use the site to search, select and communicate with businesses such as tradesman and professional service providers or other consumers in our discussion forums.

Service providing businesses and professionals who register and create profiles of company's. Creating their own web pages describing their services and marketing directly to myProSpt users.

General Consumers

What can I do here?

There are numerous services, community discussions and business information on our site. The primary aim is to help you choose a business or service provider who can provide the exact service you require. You can check their reputations, see examples of work, read official government information and many other details which will help you safely choose a member to work for you. We help take the worry away from hiring a business you don't know. It's like word of mouth recommendations but better.

Why do I have to register?

You do not have to register to search and select members or even to read our advice and discussion pages. However, to safeguard our members and other users and to open up advanced features such as ProXchange, feedback and advanced search we require a very quick registration. All we ask for as your name and a valid email address.

Business Owners

How do I register my business?

To register a business first register as a general user on our site. This allows you access to our advanced features. Then, once you are registered simply choose "add a business" and follow the simple on screen steps. You will be able to set up your business pages and review them before publishing them to the general public.

What if I have more than one Business?

That's fine. We allow our users to register more than one business. However, we don't allow the same business to be registered more than once - This will be picked up by our auditing system.

Can I leave feedback for my own business?

No - This is clearly to protect the integrity of information. We will also not allow you to leave feedback against other businesses in your profession for the same reason. Our aim is to do all we can to provide factual, unbiased and useful information for our users and members.

Can I use the site to find other businesses too?

Of course - and most business members do. We have found that once a business uses our site many business to business relationships have been formed through our service.

Do I have to pay?

You do not have to pay to register a basic entry. However, if you require extra features (that basically cost us money to provide) we do provide different membership levels which attract different fees. We aim to be as cost effective as possible. The service is about consolidated information and freedom of choice. You support us and we'll help you as much as possible.

What different membership levels are there?

Our membership levels are kept simple at Bronze (Free), Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each with different features our Gold membership is currently the most popular.

How can I search for businesses?

There are a number of ways to search. You can:-

  • Enter a company name, membership number or companies house registration number if you know exactly who you are looking for.
  • Perform basic searches on professions in locations you require using keywords such as 'solicitor' or 'Electrician'
  • Browse through a geographical map of our members for particular types of professions
  • Perform advanced searches based on attributes you require. For example, not everyone is looking for a cheap graphic designer and italian restaurant. Some users require more expensive or 'boutique' services of very high quality. Simply search and choose on your own criteria.
Can I just browse around your members?

Yes - Simply choose 'browse professions' from our homepage and browse away. You can try searching our maps to see what businesses are near your location or simply wander and find some inspiration.

Information Sources

Where does all the data come from?

Numerous places. We show information about companies from themselves (i.e. what our members want you to know about them), from their previous customers so we can build up a picture of their virtual reputation and from legal and authoritive sources such as government, tax, credit, legal and regulatory sources.

Feedback, Scoring & Reputation Management System

How's the scoring done?

This is a bit of a secret to protect the integrity of our service. However, our scoring and rating system is consistent across every member and takes into account feedback and ratings left by previous customers as well as statutory information. We're not looking to create a member with 100% scores - in the real world scores of 70-80 could mean an excellent service for you.

Who can leave feedback?

Any registered user who has purchased services from the member they are leaving feedback about can leave feedback and ratings.

What if I don't agree with the feedback left about my business?

We offer an arbitration service to address any disputes about feedback and ratings.

What's arbitration?

To protect our member businesses from spurious or malicious feedback we provide an arbitration service. Member businesses can register a complaint about feedback left about them. We will then discuss the issue with both the consumer and the business in an attempt to rectify the situation. Factual data will be upheld.

ProXchange Facility

What's ProXchange?

ProXchange is an innovative tool to help consumers find and communicate with member businesses. A registered user can create a ProXchange request and enter details about the work they require including location and expected price and timelines. Users then select the members they want to send the request to. In this way our users can create a request once and send to many different members.

Member businesses will receive requests from many of our users and immediately have information to help them asses if they would like to provide the required service. Member businesses will then be able to action each request in certain ways. From simply refusing interest to embarking on a full discussion and subsequent business engagement.

Discussion Forums

What can I do in the discussion forums?

Our site is designed as a community portal for consumers and businesses. Through our discussion forums both consumers and businesses of pretty much any nature can discuss issues and ask for advice about all sorts of things. We provide this feature to help users connect, businesses build up their virtual personalities (e.g. which members help consumers with the best advice) and help general consumers to ask and receive help and advice from professionals.

Subscriptions & Payments

How do I join?

To become a registered business member simply register on our site as a general consumer and follow the 'add a business' links.Click here to register.

How much does it cost?

The fees are variable dependant on the facilities and membership level you require. We offer a FREE registration for our Bronze service and aim to keep our premium memberships as low as possible.

Can I Join for less than 12 months?

No. Our minimum registration period is 12 months. This really is to keep our costs down so we can provide the best service to you.

Further Help

Where can I find further help or information?

Details of how to use our service are scattered throughout the website. Should you require extra help please contact us.