"ProXchange is a simple way to connect your request or query to any Business you choose"

1) Enter Details

Briefly describe the service you require or the information needed from our Members

2) Select Members

Evaluate & Select which members you want to approach

3) Submit Request

Submit your request to multiple Members in ONE hit

Easily manage responses in your own secure area. Edit, re-send and reply to multiple requests. Decide who you want to approach and when

Quick, Safe, Simple, Convenient - and FREE

Benefits for Business Owners

Receive genuine, qualified leads & enquiries from people interested in your business

Choose to respond to just the requests that interest you

Increase demand for your services and communicate with more potential customers

Manage dozens of enquiries in seconds and reply with automated or personal responses

Choose more of the work you want and less of the work you don't

Quick, Safe, Simple, Convenient,FREE

Benefits for Consumers

Save time & effort - no need for dozens of calls explaining your requirements over and over again. Simply generate one request and send to multiple businesses in seconds

Safe - Provide your contact details to our Members when you're ready

Manage responses in your secure online area. Save, modify and submit to more businesses

It's FREE and you'll never hear a grumpy, uninterested voice again!

Quick, Safe, Simple, Convenient, FREE